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Pet Peeve: Fucking Prententious People

People who go overboard with conspiracies and battling government/corporations are fucking annoying. Being "informed" is one thing but you're no better than the bible thumpers that you despise so much. You're being a condescending asshole right now and sucking the life out of everything. What's the difference between that and those Westboro bitches? I don't want to go on Facebook and see you going off about how people are stupid for spending money on Black Friday because we're being tricked by big corps and all that bull. No, everyone is not always ears for basic conspiracy shit that you would expect to hear from someone who thinks that the brain damaged guy from the "don't text and drive" commercial is a phony (like it should take away from the whole point, anyway?). I love how those people always say "don't believe everything you hear" but the minute someone shouts "it's a conspiracy!" then that exact same person is jumping up, posting "#facts" on Facebook and Twitter. Oh, you're so different!!! Proud of you for not being a sheep. *eye roll*

That's why I don't get into conspiracy theories because it sounds like bullshit coming from both sides of the fence.

Also, last year you spent over $500 on kitchen appliances on Black Friday. You're lucky I'm not the type to call people out on their shit.

Tags: facepalm, you look so dumb right now, you're embrassing yourself
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