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Come on...

Ugh, my sister is so annoying. We have a family gathering and I begged her not take a long time to get there because every time it's my dad's side of the family, we're always getting there late and leaving early. It's 3 hours late and we're not even on the way there. And then to top it off, she's worrying about a banquet for our COUSIN'S family reunion. She wasn't even invited to the banquet and on top of it, it's unnecessary to go there because there's a picnic tomorrow (that we were actually invited to). Her priorities are fucked.
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(no subject)

I'm starting to realize just how bad my dad's gambling addiction is. He's playing me like a fiddle and I know better but I'm stupid enough to let him because he's my dad.
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Yeah... No.

When I'm having sex with you and you tell me that I can take the condom off if I want to because you can't get pregnant then I'm bound to start ignoring your phone calls. Just saying.
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Oh, Firefox...

Why are you being such a fucking dildo today?! If I have to use Internet Explorer just to surf the internet without having an Adobe crash on every muthafuckin' page that I vist, then we're done. Google Chrome.exe.
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Instagram, you're next...

Twitter is starting to get like Facebook where you see just how stupid some people truly are. Shame.

Edit: I spoke too soon. Twitter isn't "starting" to get like Facebook. It's been like Facebook for a while now. And Instagram has already started to fall in line.

Thank you, ill-minded, hypocritical, judgemental assholes. You ruin just about everything.

Double Edit: ugh, the temptation to subtweet is too great but I don't want to be that kind of person. I just let you soak and rot in your bitterness and stupidity.

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I Hate Stupidly Opinionated People

A gay friend of mine took to twitter to say that girls who hook up guys who like guys are stupid and lack self-respect. :rolling my FUCKING eyes:

Gay people who say dumb shit like that are the worst. You, of all people, should know that not everyone thinks the same (except, the person I'm talking about is one of those people who thinks everyone thinks exactly him. Go figure.) Who the fuck are you to judge someone else on what they do or who they hook up with if both people are willing and want it? You're sick. I personally think polyamorous relationships are stupid but you don't agree. At least I don't judge the people in those relationships and say that they desire attention and are selfish. You are so assbackwards sometimes that I truly can't deal. Especially since you try to fuck straight guys all the time. Then again, you don't even think straight guys exist. You need to grow up.

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Pet Peeve: Fucking Prententious People

People who go overboard with conspiracies and battling government/corporations are fucking annoying. Being "informed" is one thing but you're no better than the bible thumpers that you despise so much. You're being a condescending asshole right now and sucking the life out of everything. What's the difference between that and those Westboro bitches? I don't want to go on Facebook and see you going off about how people are stupid for spending money on Black Friday because we're being tricked by big corps and all that bull. No, everyone is not always ears for basic conspiracy shit that you would expect to hear from someone who thinks that the brain damaged guy from the "don't text and drive" commercial is a phony (like it should take away from the whole point, anyway?). I love how those people always say "don't believe everything you hear" but the minute someone shouts "it's a conspiracy!" then that exact same person is jumping up, posting "#facts" on Facebook and Twitter. Oh, you're so different!!! Proud of you for not being a sheep. *eye roll*

That's why I don't get into conspiracy theories because it sounds like bullshit coming from both sides of the fence.

Also, last year you spent over $500 on kitchen appliances on Black Friday. You're lucky I'm not the type to call people out on their shit.

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I Feel Terrible

Damn me and my inability to just say no. One of my best friends has been into me for a while and I've been trying so hard to keep him in the friend zone. I thought I was doing a good job but last night when he moved in to kiss me, I just laid there and let him. I knew I wasn't into it. I knew I didn't like him in a romantic way but I still kissed him back. And eventually when he saw how distant I was becoming, he said that it seems like I didn't want to kiss him. Of course I didn't want to kiss you. I never initiated the kiss in the first place. I hate that some people are so into someone that they create moments in their head and convince themselves that the red flags aren't there (yeah, I know: kettle meet pot). I never led him on in any way. In fact, when he admitted to his feelings to me a long time ago, I told him that I wasn't into him like that. I made it no secret that I only liked him as a friend. Yet, he still kept pushing forward and then he practically begged for us to try a casual thing with each other and I've given him every reason not to. Including the fact that I don't have those kind of feelings for him. He's not listening. He just thinks I'm scared. I hate this. I just want my friend to be my friend.